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Eminent Domain/Condemnation

Is Development Threatening Your Family's Legacy?

In a heated environment of a pro-business local government, generations of an agrarian economy are giving way to manufacturing, corporate and private ownership and government infrastructure in Hidalgo County and Cameron County over the last 10 years.

Private property owners in Texas have historically been protected to use their land as they wish to do so. There is very little federally owned property in Texas, compared to other states in the nation.

Whether it is the ambitious goal of the government to build an interstate superhighway, rail line, utility corridor or international wall that threatens your family's farm, business or home, your private property cannot be taken without the government compensating you for its fair market value.

At Rentfro, Irwin, & Irwin, PLLC, our attorneys provide compassionate representation for your eminent domain conflict. We understand. We live here, too, and we want the best for our community. Call us at 956-465-1220, or email us to work with a knowledgeable lawyer.

In A Thriving Business-Friendly Community We Protect Your Interest

The state and federal governments, or entities acting as their agents, have carved out a right to take private property for public use in exchange for paying the landowner the fair market value of their property.

Under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, your rights as private property owner are protected. The government may not take your property without due process of the law, meaning in a fair way with notice and payment to you for the fair market value of your land.

Eminent domain law in Brownsville has a unique challenge. As a community "on the border by the sea," the clear concepts of fairness under eminent domain and condemnation start to run into gray area when national security issues arise.

We can counsel you on about the gray areas and help you formulate a strong case in your best interests to secure the optimum result and compensation for your property. Call 956-465-1220, or complete our online form today.

How Much Is My Property Really Worth?

When farmers who have worked their land for generations are approached by a utility company seeking an easement to run a pipeline through their fields, they want the most money they can get for that easement.

At Rentfro, Irwin, & Irwin, PLLC, we have successfully represented parties from the landowner point of view, as well as from the government entity view.

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