The firm has a broad range of areas of practice in civil law, including commercial litigation, local government and municipal law, real estate and eminent domain, estate planning and probate, and related legal services for business and nonprofit entities. The firm also offers mediation services for commercial, family law, and estate / probate matters, and, in association with Edwards Abstract and Title Company, can provide turnkey real estate transaction services, from negotiating the contract through closing, in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. 

State, Local And Municipal Law 

The ever-increasing complexities of the operations of our local, state and federal governmental entities gave rise to the establishment of our governmental law practice area. 

At Rentfro, Irwin, & Irwin, PLLC, our attorneys represent, or have represented, governmental entities of various types, including: 

  • Municipalities 
  • Counties 
  • School districts 
  • Junior college districts 
  • Navigation districts 
  • Public housing authorities 

These entities, obligated to provide efficient services to their constituents, required a broad spectrum of our legal services to resolve conflicts arising under: 

  • Open government matters 
  • Condemnation/eminent domain 
  • Legislative and regulatory legal matters 

We also represent private clients of the firm in a myriad of legislative and regulatory legal matters at the local, state and federal levels